Detailed Essential Oil Description


RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Eucalyptus Essential Oil Is Effective For Treating A Number Of Respiratory Problems Including Cold, Cough, Running Nose, Sore Throat, Asthma, Nasal Congestion, Bronchitis And Sinusitis. Eucalyptus Oil Is Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Anti Inflammatory And Decongestant In Nature Which Makes It A Good Ingredient For Many Medicines For Treating Respiratory Problems. A Study Published In Laryngoscope In 2004 Shows Its Usefulness In Treating Non-Bacterial Sinusitis. Patients Suffering From Non-Bacterial Sinusitis Showed Faster Improvement When Given Medicines Containing Eucalyptus Oil.

WOUNDS: Eucalyptus Essential Oil Is A Good Antiseptic Owing To Its Germicidal Properties. On Its Exposure To Air, Ozone Is Formed Which Is A Well-Known Antiseptic. Hence Eucalyptus Oil Is Used For Healing Wounds, Ulcers, Burns, Cuts, Abrasions And Sores. It Is Also Effective On Insect Bites And Stings.

MUSCLE PAIN: During Muscle And Joint Pains, Massaging Eucalyptus Oil On The Skin Surface Helps In Getting Relief From The Pain. The Volatile Eucalyptus Oil Is Analgesic And Anti Inflammatory In Nature. Therefore It Is Often Recommended To Patients Suffering From Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprained Ligaments And Tendons, Stiff Muscles, Aches, Fibrosis And Even Nerve Pain.

MENTAL EXHAUSTION: An Important Reason Why People Like Using Eucalyptus Oil Is That It Provides A Cooling And Refreshing Effect. Normally People Suffering From Any Disorder Are Down. Eucalyptus Oil, Which Is Stimulating, Removes Exhaustion And Mental Sluggishness And Rejuvenates The Spirits Of The Sick. It Is Also Effective In Treating Stress And Mental Disorders.

SKIN CARE: Eucalyptus Oil Is Often Applied Topically To Treat Skin Infections.

FEVER: It Is Also Used For Treating Fever And Reducing The Body Temperature. Therefore It Is Also Called Fever Oil.

ROOM FRESHENER: The Antiseptic And Deodorant Nature Of Eucalyptus Oil Makes It A Perfect Room Freshener For Hospitals And Sickbed Atmosphere. It Also Kills Bacteria And Germs In The Air And Hence Keeps The Room Environment Clean.

SAUNA: Many People Add Eucalyptus Oil To Baths, Spas And Saunas Due To Its Refreshing And Antiseptic Effect



NERVOUS SYSTEM: Lavender Essential Oil Has A Calming Scent Which Makes It An Excellent Tonic For The Nerves. Therefore, It Helps In Treating Migraines, Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Nervous Tension And Emotional Stress. The Refreshing Aroma Removes Nervous Exhaustion And Restlessness And Increases Mental Activity.

SLEEP: Lavender Essential Oil Induces Sleep And Hence It Is Often Recommended For Insomnia.

PAIN RELIEF: Lavender Essential Oil Is Also An Excellent Remedy For Various Types Of Pains Including Those Caused By Sore Muscles, Tense Muscles, Muscular Aches, Rheumatism, Sprains, Backache And Lumbago. A Regular Massage With Lavender Oil Provides Relief From Pain In The Joints.

URINE FLOW: Lavender Essential Oil Is Good For Urinary Disorders As It Stimulates Urine Production. It Helps In Restoring Hormonal Balance And Reduces Cystitis Or Inflammation Of The Urinary Bladder. It Also Reduces Any Associated Cramps.

RESPIRATORY DISORDERS: Lavender Oil Is Extensively Used For Various Respiratory Problems Including Throat Infections, Flu, Cough, Cold, Asthma, Sinus Congestion, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Laryngitis, And Tonsillitis. The Oil Is Either Used In The Form Of Vapour Or Applied On The Skin Of Neck, Chest And Back.

SKIN CARE: The Health Benefits Of Lavender Oil For The Skin Can Be Attributed To Its Antiseptic And Antifungal Properties. It Is Used To Treat Various Skin Disorders Such As Acne, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, And Other Inflammations. It Heals Wounds, Cuts, Burns, And Sunburns Rapidly As It Aids In The Formation Of Scar Tissues.

HAIR CARE: Lavender Essential Oil Is Useful For The Hair As It Can Be Very Effective On Lice And Lice Eggs Or Nits.

BLOOD CIRCULATION: Lavender Essential Oil Is Also Good For Improving Blood Circulation. It Lowers Blood Pressure And Is Used For Hypertension.

DIGESTION: Lavender Oil Is Useful For Digestion As It Increases The Mobility Of The Intestine. The Oil Also Stimulates The Production Of Gastric Juices And Bile And Thus Aids In Treating Indigestion, Stomach Pain, Colic, Flatulence, Vomiting And Diarrhoea.

IMMUNITY: Regular Use Of Lavender Essential Oil Provides Resistance To Diseases.

Other Health Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil Include Its Ability To Treat Leucorrhoea. It Is Also Effective Against Insect Bites. The Oil Is Also Used To Repel Mosquitoes And Moths. You Will Find Many Mosquito Repellents Containing Lavender Oil As One Of The Ingredients.



ANTI BACTERIAL: It Is Said That Wherever Mother Nature Gave The Diseases, She Gave The Cures There Itself. The Activity Of Microbes, Bacteria, Virus And Fungi Are At Their Peaks In The Tropics And Hence Most Of The Medicinal Plants Are Found There Too. Tea Tree Is One Such Plant. It Can Help To Fight Off Some Of The Ugliest Bacterial Infections Of The Tropics. Wounds, Which Are Most Prone To Bacterial Infections In This Region, Can Be Effectively Cured And Protected Using This Oil. It Can Also Be Used In Treatment Of Tuberculosis.

ANTI MICROBIAL: Microbes Prefer To Keep Safe Distance From This Oil, Since It Is An Effective Anti Microbial. It Can Kill And Keep Away Certain Microbes (Protozoa) Which Are Responsible For Causing Tropical Fevers, Malaria Etc.

ANTI SEPTIC: Open Wounds Are Most Susceptible To Infection By Bacteria And Fungi And May Result In Septic Or Tetanus. Thus They Must Be Protected Well In Advance. For This, Tea Tree Oil Can Be A Wise Choice As It Is An Excellent Anti Septic. It Can Be Applied Directly On The Wounds, Boils, Sores, Cuts And Certain Eruptions, As Well As Insect Bites And Stings, To Protect Them From Infections. It Is As Good As Any Anti Biotic, But Without Its Adverse Side Effects.

ANTI VIRAL: Viral Infections Are Very Hazardous And Re-Appearing, Since Virus Can Survive Under Most Intolerable Conditions. They Can Bear Unimaginable Heat, Cold And Even Poison, As They Develop A Protective Shell Called “Cyst” Around Them. Some Viruses Are Intelligent Enough To Develop A New Cyst Each Time They Are Activated, Like The Common Cold Virus, To Duck Our Immune System. They Never Die A Natural Death And Can Live Dormant (Neither Live, Nor Dead) For Even Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years. They Can Be Killed Only If Their Cyst Is Ruptured Using Some Compound Or They Are Subjected To Extreme Heat Which Is Beyond Their Tolerance. The Tea Tree Oil Helps Rupture This Cyst In Some Viruses And Can Give Protection Against Them. It Also Helps To Fight Off Viral Infections Like Common Cold, Influenza, Mumps, Measles, Pox Etc.

BALSAMIC: The Essential Oil Of Tea Tree Has Balsamic Properties, That Is, It Boosts Health. It Promotes Absorption Of Nutrients From Food And Gives Protection From Diseases Too, Thus Proving Beneficial For Total Health.

CICATRISANT: The Cicatrisant Property Of This Essential Oil Makes It Heal Wounds Quicker And Protect Them From Infections, As Well As Help Neutralization Of The Scar Marks And After Spots Left By Eruptions, Boils, Pox, Acne Etc.

Expectorant: Those Who Are Suffering From Cough And Cold, Congestion, Bronchitis And Other Troubles Associated With Cold, Are Sure To Get Relief Using This Tea Tree Essential Oil. It Gives Relief From Cough, Cold, Bronchitis And Congestion.

FUNGICIDE: The Tea Tree Essential Oil Is As Effective Against Fungal Infections As It Is Against Any Bacterial Or Microbial Infections. It Inhibits Fungal Growth And Helps Diseases Like Dermatitis, Athlete’s Foot Etc.

INSECTICIDE: It Is Obvious That An Essential Oil That Is So Deadly For Those Adamant And Hardy Bacteria And Viruses, Will Be Effective Against Insects Too. Tea Tree Oil Is An Efficient Insect Deterrent And Insect Killer. It Does Not Let Parasites And Other Insects Like Mosquitoes, Fleas, Lice, Flies Etc. Come Near A Person Who Has Rubbed Some Of This Oil On His Body.

STIMULANT: This Essential Oil Has Stimulating Effects On Hormones Secretions, Circulations Etc. But More Prominently On Immune System. It Boosts Up Immunity And Acts As A Shield Against Infections.

SUDORIFIC: Besides Infections, Another Cause Of Diseases Is Accumulation Of Toxins In The Body. These Toxins Are Either Generated By The Body Itself, As A By-Product Of Various Reactions, Or Get Inside The Body Somehow. Our Body Too, Has Certain Mechanisms To Throw Away These Toxins. One Of Them Is Perspiration Or Sweating. It Has Many Advantages. It Removes Toxins, Moistens The Skin, Open Pores On Skin And Keeps The Body Cool. Tea Tree Essential Oil, Being A Sudorific, Increases Sweating And Promotes Removal Of Toxins Like Uric Acid. It Also Helps Remove Excess Water And Salts From The Body.

PAIN RELIEF From Muscular Pain, Aches, Sprains.



ANTI SEPTIC & DISINFECTANT: Frankincense Oil Is Good As An Anti Septic. Even The Fume Or Smoke Obtained On Its Burning Has Anti Septic And Disinfectant Qualities And Eliminates The Germs In The Whole Place Affected With Fume. It Can Be Applied On Wounds Without Any Harm Or Side Effect To Protect Them From Tetanus And Being Septic. It Is Good On External Wounds And Protects Them From Infections.

ASTRINGENT: The Astringent Property Of Frankincense Oil Has Many Benefits. It Tones And Lifts Skin, Contracts Muscles, Intestines And Blood Vessels, Thereby Giving Protection From Untimely Wrinkles, Loss Of Firmness Muscles And Limbs Associated With Age And Above All, Helps Stop Flow Of Blood From Wounds And Cuts.

CICATRISANT: This Is An Interesting Property Of Frankincense Oil. It Makes The Scars And After Marks Of Boils, Acne And Pox Etc. On The Skin To Fade Away. This Includes Fading Of Stretch Marks And Surgery Marks, Fat Cracks Etc. Associated With Pregnancy And Delivery.

CYTOPHYLACTIC: Being A Cytophylactic, Frankincense Oil Promotes Regeneration Of Healthy Cells And Also Keeps The Existing Cells And Tissues Healthy.

DIURETIC: If You Thought That Lasix And Its Variants Were The Only Drugs That Could Help You Lose Water From The Body Through Urination, You Were Wrong. They May Be Instant, But Not At All Safe. Here Is A Natural And Safe Alternative. Yes! The Frankincense Essential Oil. It Promotes Urination And Helps You Lose Some Extra Water, Fats, Sodium, Uric Acid And Some Other Toxins From The Body, With The Added Advantage Of Lowering Blood Pressure.

EMENAGOGUE: Opens Up Obstructed And Delayed Menstruation And Delays Menopause. It Also Helps Curing Other Symptoms Associated With Menses And Post Menstrual Syndrome, Such As Pain In The Abdominal Region, Nausea, Headache, Fatigue Etc.

EXPECTORANT: Drives Away Cough And Phlegm Deposited In The Respiratory Tracts And Lungs. Also Gives Relief In Bronchitis And Congestion Of Nasal Tract, Larynx And Pharynx, Bronchi And Lungs. It Also Gives Relief From Body Pain, Headache, And Rise In Body Temperature Associated With Cold.

Sedative: Frankincense Oil Is Very Effective As A Sedative. It Induces A Feeling Of Mental Peace, Relaxation, Satisfaction And Spirituality. It Also Awakens Insight, Makes You Introvert And Ends Anxiety, Anger And Stress.

TONER: Frankincense Oil Tones And Boosts Health And Therefore Is A Toner. It Tones Up All The Systems Operating In The Body, Including Respiratory System, Digestive System, Nervous System And Excretory System And Also Gives Strength By Aiding Absorption Of Nutrients In The Body. It Strengthens Immune System Too And Keeps You Strong.

UTERINE: This Oil Is Very Good For Uterine Health. Since It Regulates Production Of Estrogen Hormone, It Reduces The Chances Of Post-Menopause Tumor Or Cyst Formation In The Uterus, Also Known As Uterine Cancer. In Pre-Menopause Period Too, It Keeps Uterus Healthy By Maintaining Proper Menstrual Cycles.

VULNERARY: Just Apply A Diluted Solution Of This Oil On Wounds, Or Use It Blended With A Skin Cream, And Get Your Wounds To Heal Faster And Protected From Infections. This Oil Is Equally Beneficial In Healing Wounds, Cuts And Ulcers.

RELIEVES PAIN: Associated With Rheumatism, Arthritis Etc.

Other Benefits: It Keeps Skin Healthy And Young, It Helps Heal Boils, Wounds, Acne, Circulatory Problems, Insomnia And Inflammation



SKIN CARE: Rosemary Essential Oil Is Not Used In Skin Care As Extensively As It Is Used In Hair Care. Regular Massage With The Oil Helps In Toning Your Skin And Removing Dryness. It Is Also Considered As A Beauty Aid For The Face.

BOOST MENTAL ACTIVITY: Rosemary Essential Oil Is An Excellent Brain And Nerve Tonic. It Is Often Used By Students During Exam Times As It Increases Concentration And Helps In Studying Efficiently. It Stimulates Mental Activity And Is A Good Remedy For Depression, Mental Fatigue And Forgetfulness. Inhaling Rosemary Oil Lifts Your Spirits Immediately. Whenever Your Brain Is Tired, Inhale Rosemary Oil To Remove Boredom And Get Fresh Mental Energy.

PAIN RELIEF: The Ability Of Rosemary Essential Oil To Relieve Pain Has Resulted In Its Extensive Usage In Headaches, Muscle Pains, Sore Muscles, Rheumatism And Even Arthritis. Massaging The Part Which Is In Pain With Rosemary Essential Oil Give Relief From The Pain. Vapor Baths With Rosemary Oil Is Found To Be Effective For Rheumatism.

AROMA: Rosemary Has A Mesmerizing Aroma And Hence Rosemary Essential Oil Is An Excellent Inhalant. The Oil Is Used In Room Fresheners, Cosmetics, Beauty Aids, Food, Bath Oil, Candles And Perfumes Due To Its Aroma. The Oil, When Inhaled Brings Mental Energy And Also Clears The Respiratory Tract.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: The Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil In Treating Respiratory Problems Are Unmatched. The Scent Of The Oil Gives Relief From Throat Congestion. The Oil Is Used In Treating Respiratory Allergies, Cold, Sore Throat And Flu. Since Rosemary Oil Is Antiseptic It Is Effective For Respiratory Infections As Well. The Oil Is Antispasmodic And Is Used In Bronchial Asthma.

Other Claimed Health Benefits Of Rosemary Oil Include Its Usage For Disorders In Menstrual Cycle, Menstrual Cramps, Peptic Ulcer, Urine Flow, Prostrate, Gall Bladder, Intestine, Liver, Cataract, Heart, Sperm Mobility, Leukemia, Kidney Stones And Associated Pain. Research Is Also Being Carried Out To Study Its Potential In Treating Various Types Of Cancers Including Colon Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Breast Cancer, And Lung Cancer.



The Health Benefits Of Peppermint Oil Include The Following:

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Menthol, Which Is Present In Abundance In Peppermint Oil, Helps In Clearing The Respiratory Tract. It Is An Effective Expectorant And Therefore Provides Instantaneous, Though Temporary, Relief In Numerous Respiratory Problems Including Nasal Congestion, Sinusitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cold And Cough. As A Result, It Is Used In Numerous Cold Rubs. When These Cold Rubs Are Rubbed On The Chest, They Remove Nasal And Respiratory Congestion Immediately.

NAUSEA AND HEADACHE: Peppermint Oil Is A Good Home Remedy For Nausea And Headache. Applying Peppermint Oil In Diluted Form On The Forehead Is Known To Remove Headache.

STRESS: Like Most Other Essential Oils, Peppermint Is Able To Provide Relief From Stress, Depression And Mental Exhaustion Due To Its Refreshing Nature. It Is Also Effective Against Anxiety And Restlessness.

IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME: The Muscle Relaxing Property Of Peppermint Oil Has Been Found To Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This Has Been Validated Through Preliminary Scientific Research Though The Exact Mechanism Is Still Unknown.

PAIN RELIEF: Peppermint Oil Can Be Used Externally For Providing Relief From Pain. It Is Believed That The Presence Of Calcium Antagonism In Peppermint Oil Aids In Removing Pain. It Is Cooling In Nature And Therefore Helps Reduce Fever.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Peppermint Oil Increases Your Immunity To Diseases And Therefore Helps You In Preventing A Number Of Diseases.

BLOOD CIRCULATION: It Improves Blood Circulation.

HAIR CARE: Peppermint Oil Is Very Useful For Hair Care As It Gives A Cooling Effect To The Head, And Removes Dandruff And Lice.

SKIN CARE: Peppermint Oil Contains Menthol, Which Is Good For Skin. It Gives A Cooling Effect. Further It Nourishes Dull Skin And Improves Oily Skin.

It Is Further Believed That Peppermint Oil Is Useful For Treating Cancer And Tuberculosis



ANALGESIC: When Rubbed On The Paining Spot, This Oil Is Readily Absorbed Through The Skin And The Presence Of Menthyl Salicylate Induces Numbness And A Sort Of Anaesthetic Effect In The Nerves Present In That Area. It Also Increases Circulation Of Blood And Brings Warmth To The Place (This Warmth Can Very Well Be Experienced). This Way, It Fights Pain.

ANODYNE: This Is The Property By Virtue Of Which An Agent Can Eliminate Pain And Induce Relaxations. So, It Is A Combined Effect Of An Analgesic And A Relaxant. Hence Wintergreen Essential Oil Will Eradicate Pain And Will Drive Away Stress And Tension. What A Pleasant Way Of Getting A Sound Sleep At The End Of The Day For Those Who Cannot Sleep Due To Pain Or Stress.

ANTI RHEUMATIC & ANTI ARTHRITIC: This Property Of Essential Oil Of Wintergreen Is Based On The Stimulating Property Of This Oil. This Oil Fights Rheumatism And Arthritis In Two Ways. First, When Applied Externally, It Easily Penetrates Through The Skin In The Muscles And Tissues And Stimulates Circulation Of Blood There. This, Apart From Bringing Warmth To The Affected Place, Helps Clear Obstructions In The Flow Of Blood (Which Is One Of The Major Causes Behind Rheumatism And Arthritis) And It Does Not Let Toxins, Like Uric Acid, Accumulate At A Place. Second, Although Absorbed Through Skin, When It Reaches Blood Stream, It Stimulates And Increases Urination And Acts As A Diuretic. This Speeds Up Removal Of Toxins Like Uric Acid From The Body Through Urine. The Removal Of Excess Water, Fats And Salts Through Urine Helps Lose Weight And This Too Counters Rheumatism.

ANTI SPASMODIC: The Relaxing And Stimulating Effect Of This Oil Fights Spasm In The Respiratory, Muscular, Digestive And Nervous Systems And Gives Relief From Congestion In Chest, Breathing Troubles, Asthma, Spasmodic Coughs, Muscular Cramps, Digestive Disorders, Spasmodic Diarrhoea, Convulsions And Nervous Afflictions.

ANTI SEPTIC: It Kills The Bacteria Named Staphylococcus Aureus And Helps Against Septic. It Will Easily Penetrate Skin, Absorbed By The Tissues And From There Will Be Absorbed In The Blood Stream.

AROMATIC: Although It Has A Pungent Aroma, It Is Not Unpleasant. So, In Certain Cases, It Can Be Used To Overcome Foul Smell. But It Is Not A Regular Application Of This Oil.

ASTRINGENT: Well! An Astringent, Like This Essential Oil Of Wintergreen Has A Lot To Offer. It Induces Contractions In The Tissues Of Muscles, Skin, Blood Vessels And Hair Roots. This Result In Contraction Of Muscles And Skin Which Gives Firmness To The Muscles And Lift To The Skin, Making You Feel Better And Look Younger. When It Comes To Blood Vessels, This Contraction Helps Check Hemorrhage From The Wounded Or Cut Vessels. The Hair Roots Are Also Contracted And Strengthened By This Effect Of Astringent.

CARMINATIVE: It Can Be Rubbed On The Belly Which Will Eventually Make The Gases Pass Out.

DIURETIC: This Diuretic Property Of Essential Oil Of Wintergreen Comes From Its Stimulating Properties. It Stimulates The Organs In The Urinary System And Filtration Of Water By The Kidneys, Thereby Increasing Frequency And Quantity Of Urine. This Is Of Great Help As It Speeds Up Removal Of Toxins Like Uric Acid And Others And Protects From Diseases Like Rheumatism And Arthritis And Others Which Are Caused Due To Accumulation Of Toxins. It Also Removes Excess Water, Fat And Salt From The Body, Thus Helping Edema, Water Logging, Hypertension Etc. And Aiding In Weight Loss. This Also Keeps Kidneys And Urinary Bladder Clear And Prevents Formation Of Stones There.

EMENAGOGUE: Obstructed Menstruation Is A Big Problem Faced By Most Women, More So In The Cities. This Should Not Be Taken Lightly As It May Give Rise To Very Serious Problems Like Uterine Ulcers And Even Uterine Cancer. It Results In Pain In The Abdominal Region, Irritation, Annoyance, Fall In Health And Feminine Problems. This Problem Can Be Sorted Out With The Help Of An Agent That Can Clear This Obstruction And Restart Menses. Further, It Should Also Make Them Regular. Luckily, There Are Many Essential Oils Which Can Do This And Essential Oil Of Wintergreen Is One Of Them. It Opens Menstruations And Also Helps Get Rid Of Problems Like Nausea, Fatigue, Pain Etc. Associated With Periods.

STIMULANT: The Wintergreen Essential Oil Is Basically A Stimulant And It Promotes Discharge Of Gastric Juices, Bile, Hormones, Enzymes, Ovarian And Uterine Discharges And Even Urine By Stimulating Liver, Gall Bladder, Endocrinal Glands And Uterus. It Also Stimulates Circulation Of Blood And Lymph, Digestion, Excretion And The Nerves.

OTHER BENEFITS: It Is Used To Treat Snake Bites, Dog Bites, Stings Of Poisonous Insects Like Scorpions, Wasps, Bees Etc. And Infected Wounds, Sores, Ulcers Etc. It Can Also Be Used To Counter Obstructed Blood Circulation Resulting From Frost Bite And Very Low Temperature, Due To Its Warming Effects.



Extracted Oil From The Grape Seed.

Numerous Vitamins And Natural Occurring Nutrition Values. Also Used As A Carrier Oil For Essential Oils, As A Dilute.



ANTI SEPTIC: This Oil Works Well As An Anti Septic For Wounds And Ulcers, Protects Them From Septic And Other Infections And Helps Them Heal Faster. These Anti Septic Properties Are Due To Presence Of Components Like Menthol, Myrcene And Caryophyllene.

ANTI SPASMODIC: This Property Of Essential Oil Of Spearmint Comes From Its Component Menthol, Which Has A Relaxing And Cooling Effect On The Nerves And Muscles, Which Helps Relax Contraction In Case Of Spasms And Thereby Gives Effective Relief From Spasmodic Coughs, Aches, Pulling Sensation And Aches In Abdominal Region And Intestines, Muscle Pulls Or Cramps, Nervous Convulsions And Even Spasmodic Cholera.

DISINFECTANT: The Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal And Anti Viral Properties Of Essential Oil Of Spearmint Make It A Disinfectant. It Can Help Get Rid Of External Infections. It Is Particularly Effective In Protecting Wounds And Ulcers, Like Those In Stomach, Food Pipe, Intestines Etc. From Infections. In Ancient Greece, It Was Used To Treat Infectious Diseases Like Scabies, Dermatitis, Athlete’s Foot, Syphilis, Gonorrhea And Other Infectious And Transmittable Diseases.

CARMINATIVE: The Relaxing Properties Of Essential Oil Of Spearmint Induce Relaxation In The Intestines And Muscles Of The Abdominal Region, Thereby Helping The Gases Formed In Stomach And Intestines To Pass Out Using Its Natural Downward Passage. This Gives A Relief From A Lot Of Problems Such As Uneasiness And Restlessness, Insomnia, Headaches, Stomachaches, Indigestion, Loss Of Appetite, Chest Pain, Vomiting, Cramps And Related Symptoms.

CEPHALIC: This Oil Has A Relaxing And Cooling Effect On Brain, Taking Stress Away From It. It Helps To Concentrate. Being A Cephalic, It Helps With Headaches And Other Stress Related Neuro-Problems. This Oil Is Supposed To Be Good For The Health Of Brain Too.

EMENAGOGUE: Problems With Menstruations, Such As Irregular Periods, Obstructed Menses And Early Menopause Etc. Can Be Sorted Out With The Help Of This Essential Oil. It Promotes Secretion Of Hormones Like Estrogen Which Facilitate Menstruation And Ensure Good Uterine And Sexual Health. This Also Keeps Away Menopause And Also Gives Relief From Certain Symptoms Associated With Menstruations Like Nausea, Fatigue, Pain In The Lower Abdominal Region Etc.

INSECTICIDE: It Is An Effective Insecticide And Keeps Away Mosquitoes, White Ants, Ants, Flies, Moths Etc. It Can Be Safely Applied On Skin To Get Protection Against Mosquito Bites. The Spearmint Oil Is Sometimes Used In Mosquito Repellant Creams, Mats, Fumigants Etc.

RESTORATIVE: The Function Of A Restorative Is To Restore Health And Maintain Proper Functioning Of All The Organ Systems Operating In The Body. A Restorative Also Helps Repair The Damages Done To The Body And Recovery From Injuries And Wounds. It Also Helps Regain Strength After Long Illness.

STIMULANT: This Essential Oil Stimulates Secretion Of Hormones, Discharge Of Enzymes, Gastric Juices And Bile And Stimulates Nerves, Brain And Blood Circulation. This Keeps The Metabolism Activated And Functioning Properly And Also Boosts Immune System (Stimulating Blood Circulation Boosts Immunity).

OTHER BENEFITS: The Essential Oil Of Spearmint Helps Asthma And Congestion, Being A Decongestant; Gives Relief From Fever, Flatulence, Constipation, Sinusitis, Acne, Migraine, Stress And Depression.



It Is An Excellent Antiseptic With Relieving Effect, It Is A Toner And A Good Cough Suppressant; It Stimulates Functioning Of Adrenal Glands And Improves Blood Supply As Well.

Treatment Of Bronchitis, Influenza, Asthma, Pneumonia, Diseases Of Urogenital Tract, Cholecystitis, Liver Diseases, Nephrolithiasis, Rheumatic Aches, Hyperhidrosis And Others.

It Is Also Used For Sanitation Of The Patient’s Room Due To Its Bactericidal Properties.

It Helps Against Respiratory Diseases, It Arrests Inflammations Of The Respiratory Organs.

Suppresses Inflammations And Is The Perfect Expectorant.

Massage Fir Needle Oil In Treatment Of Arthritis And Rheumatic Polyarthritis. It Helps To Remove Inflammatory Processes And Relieve Pain Syndrome. To Achieve Better Effect It Is Recommended That You Warm Your Affected Joint With A Hot Compress Before Applying Fir Needle Oil.

Energetically Rub The Essential Oil Into The Skin While Smoothly Massaging, Then Massage Reflex Zone Of Feet.

Used To Disinfect Cuts, Scratches And Small Burns.

Small Amount Of Fir Needle Oil, Rubbed Into The Pain Area Is To Relieve Aches Caused By Radiculitis, Lumbosacral Radiculitis, Myositis And Other Diseases Of Peripheral Nervous System. Oil Is More Efficient If The Procedure Is Done Soon After You Take A Bath.

Its Property To Make Skin Elastic, Wrinkles Smoothed And More Wrinkles Prevented.



ANALGESIC: Analgesic Is A Property That Reduces Pain And Inflammation. Lemongrass Essential Oil Helps Relieve Pain In Muscles, Joints, Toothache And Headache Etc. Resulting From Viral Infections Like Cough & Cold, Influenza, Fever, Pox Etc. It Also Helps Body Pain Resulting From Sudden Exercises, Sports Etc.

ANTI DEPRESSANT: Lemongrass Oil Boosts Self Esteem, Confidence, Hope And Mental Strength, Uplifts Spirit And Fights Depression. This Can Be Very Helpful To Drive Away Depression For Those Who Are Suffering From Depression Due To Failure In Career Or Love, Insecurity, Loneliness, Stagnation, Someone’s Death Or Any Other Reason. This Also Relieves Anxiety. Being An Anti Depressant, Depression.

ANTI MICROBIAL AND ANTI BACTERIAL: This Has Anti Microbial Properties Which Makes It Inhibit Microbial And Bacterial Growth In The Body, Internally Or Externally. It Is Seen To Be Effective In Inhibiting Bacterial Infections In Colon, Stomach, Urinary Tracts, Wounds, Respiratory System Etc. And Helps Diseases Resulting From Bacterial Or Microbial Infections Such As Typhoid, Skin Diseases, Body Odor, Malaria (Caused Due To Protozoon) Etc.

ANTI PYRETIC: An Anti Pyretic Is An Agent That Brings Down Very High Fever. This Is Quite Similar To Febrifuge But Is Effective On Very High Fever Too. This Oil Can Bring Down The Fever When It Tends To Reach The Danger Mark. This Property Of Lemongrass, Which Comes From Its Essential Oils, Is Extensively Used.

ANTI SEPTIC: The Anti Septic Properties Of Lemongrass Oil Makes It A Good Application For External Wounds As Well As An Ingredient Of The Anti Septic Lotions And Creams. The Anti Septic Properties Of This Oil Do Not Let The External Cuts And Wounds Go Septic.

ASTRINGENT: An Astringent Helps Stoppage Of Blood Flow By Contraction Of Blood Vessels. If Somebody Is Bleeding Profusely, You Need An Astringent To Speed Up Clotting Of Blood And Stop The Flow To Save His Life. Being An Astringent Helps In A Different Way Too. It Promotes Contraction Muscles, Skin And Blood Vessels. This Oil Has Good Astringent Properties.

DIURETIC: Lemongrass Oil Increases Urination, Both In Frequency And In Quantity. This May Sound Not That Important But It Can Be Very Beneficial For Health. With Urine, Fats Are Lost From The Body To The Extent Of 4% Of The Volume Of Urine. So, It Is Obvious, The More You Urinate, The More You Lose Fat. Then, Urination Promotes Digestion And Also Does Not Let Gas Form. It Removes Excess Water From The Body And Reduces Swelling Etc. Its Biggest Contribution Is That It Removes Toxins From The Body. What’s More, It Also Reduces Blood Pressure. That Is The Reason Most Of The Drugs For Lowering Blood Pressure Induce Frequent Urination. Urination Also Helps Clean Kidneys.

FEBRIFUGE: Lemongrass Oil Helps Bring Down Fever By Fighting The Infections Due To Which The Fever Is Caused As Well As By Increasing Perspiration.

FUNGICIDAL: Lemongrass Oil Has Good Fungicidal Properties And May Be Used To Help Fungal Infections.

INSECTICIDAL: Lemongrass Is Quite Popular As An Insect Repellant Due To Its Insecticidal Properties. It Kills Insects And Also Keeps Them Away.

NERVINE: Lemongrass Essential Oil Acts As A Tonic For The Nerves And The Nervous System. It Helps Many Nervous Disorders Such As Shaking Hands Or Limbs, Nervousness, Vertigo, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease And Convulsions, Sluggishness, Lack Of Reflexes Etc. It Strengthens Nerves And Activates Them.

SEDATIVE: This Is Perhaps One Of The Most Important And Most Appreciated Medicinal Properties Of Lemongrass Oil. It Is An Excellent Sedative. It Has A Great Soothing, Sedating And Calming Effects On Mind, Helps Inflammations, Itching Of Skin And Relieves Tension And Anxiety. This Feature Can Help Patients Of Insomnia Too.

OTHER BENEFITS: It Tones All The Systems Functioning In The Body, Such As Respiratory System, Digestive System, Nervous System And Excretory System And Facilitates Absorption Of Nutrients In The Body, Thus Providing Strength And Strengthening Immune System.

Helps With Cellulite, Fungal Infections And Digestive Problems And Reduces Excessive Perspiration Too.



Natural Medicinal Uses Of Spruce Oil Include: Muscle Pains, Rheumatism, And Coughing. In A Holistic View, The Body Is Well Taken Care Of Physically, Mentally, And Spiritually.



Deep-Penetrating Natural Oil. This Complex Is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, And Anti-Inflammatory. It Is An Excellent Moisturizer And Emollient, Soothing And Softening The Skin.

Treatment Of Muscle Aches, Sore Joints, Inflammation, And Swelling. Today The Oil Can Be Found From The Family Medicine Cabinet To The Professional Sports Training Room.

Helps To Build Healthy Skin, And, In Burn Creams, Helps To Calm The Tissue Beneath Burned Skin And Restore Elasticity. Additional Oil Applications Include Skin And Hair Care Products, Sun Screens



Clove Is Rich In Minerals Such As Calcium, Hydrochloric Acid, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, And Vitamin A And Vitamin C. The Health Benefits Of Clove Oil Include The Following:

INFECTIONS: Due To Its Antiseptic Properties, Clove Oil Is Useful For Wounds, Cuts, Scabies, Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Infections, Bruises, Prickly Heat, Scabies, Etc. It Can Also Be Used Insect Bites And Stings.

SKIN CARE: Clove Oil Is Often Recommended For Skin Care, Especially To Acne Patients.

STRESS: Clove Oil Is Aphrodisiac In Nature And Hence Serves As An Excellent Stress Reliever. It Has A Stimulating Effect On The Mind And Removes Mental Exhaustion And Fatigue.Clove Oil Also Induces Sleep And Is Helpful To Insomnia Patients. It Is Useful For Treating Mental Problems Such As Loss Of Memory, Depression And Anxiety. Gives A Cooling Effect And Helps In Getting Relief From Headache.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Clove Oil Has A Cooling And Anti Inflammatory Effect, And Thereby Clears The Nasal Passage. This Expectorant Is Useful In Various Respiratory Disorders Including Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Sinusitis, And Tuberculosis.

BLOOD CIRCULATION: Clove Oil Is Increases Your Body Metabolism By Increasing Blood Circulation And Reducing Body Temperature.

BLOOD PURIFICATION: Clove Oil Also Helps In Purifying The Blood.

DIABETES: Along With Blood Purification, Clove Oil Also Helps In Controlling The Blood Sugar Levels And Hence Is Useful To Diabetics.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Clove Oil Is Useful For Boosting The Immune System. Its Antiviral Properties And Ability To Purify Blood Increases Your Resistance To Diseases.

OTHER BENEFITS Of Clove Oil Include The Following:

It Is A Good Massage Oil Providing Relief From Pain And Stress. It Is Claimed By Many That Clove Oil Is Useful In Treating Viral Hepatitis.



Vitamin E Deficiency Causes Neurological Problems Due To Poor Nerve Conduction. These Include Neuromuscular Problems Such As Spinocerebellar Ataxia, Which Is: A Progressive, Degenerative, Genetic Disease With Multiple Types, Each Of Which Could Be Considered A Disease In Its Own Right Or Classification:…

Myopathiesmyopathyin Medicine, A Myopathy Is A Muscular Disease In Which The Muscle Fibers Do Not Function For Any One Of Many Reasons, Resulting In Muscular Weakness. “Myopathy” Simply Means Muscle Disease…

Deficiency Can Also Cause Anemiaanemiaanemia: It Is A Decrease In Normal Number Of Red Blood Cells Or Less Than The Normal Quantity Of Hemoglobin In The Blood, Due To Oxidative Damage To Red Blood Cells.